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On the Method of Reducing the Magnitude of an Impending Catastrophic Earthquake

The ideas devoted to the project of developing new sensors and new vibrators are created in this chapter and are important for the project to reduce the magnitude of an imminent catastrophic earthquake. A physical and mathematical model of a mercury earthquake precursor sensor prototype is suggested, and the signal obtained by the old sensor…
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February 27, 2021 0

Recent Advancement of Precision Large-Caliber Slot Cutting of Sheet Steel Using Single-Mode Fiber Laser Radiation

We present the findings of an experimental and theoretical investigation into the properties and characteristics of large-caliber precision slot cutting of low-carbon steel sheets up to 10 mm thick by 1 kW single-mode fibre laser radiation. Slots with calibres from 20 to 60 (in some cases, up to 100) and widths up to around 60…
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November 6, 2020 0