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Investigation of Physico-chemical Properties and Evaluation of the Sensory Attributes of Kithul (Caryota urens) Treacle to Determine the Adulteration

Kithul treacle is a popular traditional sweetener in Sri Lanka, not only because of its delicious taste, but also because of its nutritional worth and health advantages. As a result, Kithul treacle has been tainted by the addition of table sugar, tarnishing its reputation as a low-GI sweetener. Its authenticity has been difficult due to…
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May 31, 2021 0

Critical Assessment of Groundwater Quality around Abandoned Quarry Ponds near Lower Benue Trough, Nigeria

A field study on the Ground Water Quality Assessment of Abandoned Quarry Ponds near Lower Benue Trough, Nigeria, was conducted to determine how past quarrying activities affected the ponds. From four abandoned quarry ponds measuring fifty metres (50 m) (165 ft) deep, water samples were obtained. In-situ measurements to determine pH , temperature, total dissolved…
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October 9, 2020 0