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Advanced Study on Phytoattenuation of Soil Metal Contamination: The Effects of Plant Growth Relgualtors (GA3 and IAA) by Employing Wetland Macrophyte Vetiver and Energy Plant Sunflower

Phytoattenuation, a novel green remediation concept, has been successfully demonstrated while employing vetiver and biostimulator (gibberellic acid GA3 and indol-3-acetic acid IAA) to gradually mitigate soil Cu levels. The effectiveness of stimulator GA3 and IAA was in the descending sequence GA3> IAA. Biostimulator has been demonstrated plant growth enhancement and been employed for agricultural operation.…
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August 25, 2020 0

The Improvement of Phytomediation on the Treatment Effectiveness of Heavy Metals with Energy Sunflower Plants with Calcium Peroxide and Phytohormones: New Perspectives

Phytomediation is an environmentally friendly green rehabilitation technology that is often incorporated with an application to improve calcium peroxide and phytohormones required for the growth of agricultural plants with the expectation to improve the effectiveness of plant rehabilitation. This study mainly consists of two parts: (1) water culture experiment and (2) pot culture experiment. In…
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August 21, 2020 0