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A Manifestation on the Phytoplankton Dynamics of Sundarbans Ecoregion | Chapter 15 | New Visions in Biological Science Vol.9

The Sundarbans are well-known as highly productive ecosystems that provide significant amounts of organic materials in the form of detritus and living animals to nearby coastal waters. With each passing year, the Sundarbans face major challenges and must be protected. In this location, phytoplanktons are the most important contributors to primary productivity. Phytoplankton estimation, on…
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February 28, 2022 0

Determination of Correlationship between Hydrological Residence Time and Phytoplankton Dynamics in Lake Kinneret, Israel BP2436

The goal of this work is to try to link phytoplankton dynamics to hydrological features, and to use the nutrient as a speculative instrument to do so. Water Residence Time is the hydrological trait’s chosen parameter, which is evidently integrated throughout the full water balancing frame. The dynamics of phytoplankton (Peridinium, Cyanophyta, Chlorophyta, and Diatoms)…
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August 19, 2021 0

Advanced Study on Iron Fertilization with Enhanced Phytoplankton Productivity under Minimal Sulfur Compounds and Grazing Control Analysis in HNLC Region

The current study quantified the importance of HNLC (high-nutrient, low-chlorophyll) regions and their grazing control with improved iron fertilization for climate change. Sulfur compounds (S) such as volcanic ash and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in batch cultures confirmed the limitation of iron (Fe) for phytoplankton growth in HNLC regions, with a chemical sediment of Fe3S4 showing…
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June 16, 2021 0

Phytoplankton Diversity of Cauvery River in Erode, Tamil Nadu

Many places in Tamil Nadu depend on the Cauvery River for their water supply. The Erode district is heavily contaminated as a result of poor textile effluent management. The aim of this study was to examine the phytoplankton diversity of the Cauvery River in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. Planktons are the marine ecosystem’s primary food…
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May 10, 2021 0

Monitoring and Identification of Planktonic Genera/Species and Determination of the Physicochemical Factors Favoring the Growth of These Species in Cape 7 (Aftissat) Zone, South of Morocco

The research was carried out in the region of Cape 7 (Aftissat), south of Morocco, 232 km south of Laayoune. The goal is to define the planktonic genera/species and species 62 km south of Boujdour region. Determination of the physicochemical factors that favour these species’ development. The research was carried out by Carried out on…
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November 14, 2020 0