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Determining the Effectiveness of Addition of Drug Teneligliptin to Metformin, Glimepiride, Pioglitazone Combination in Type II Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a widespread chronic disease that has spread to epidemic proportions in almost every developed and developing country. Diabetes is the leading cause of death in the world, affecting about 400 million people. Aims and Objectives: To investigate the efficacy of combining Teneligliptin with Metformin, Glimepiride, and Pioglitazone in type 2 diabetic patients. Methodology:…
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March 22, 2022 0

A Brief Discussion on High Glucose with Insulin Induces Cell Cycle Progression and Activation of Oncogenic Signaling of Bladder Epithelial Cells Cotreated with Metformin and Pioglitazone

Metformin and pioglitazone are two common oral hypoglycemic agents used to treat diabetes. According to new research, these drugs may contribute to bladder cancer. There is substantial evidence linking diabetes to breast, colon, liver, and pancreatic cancer. The purpose of this study was to look into the molecular mechanisms that underpin the effects of metformin…
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July 8, 2021 0

Formulation Development and Evaluation of Nano Vesicular Gel of Pioglitazone for the Management of Diabetes

The goal of this study was to create a nano vesicular gel for transdermal distribution of Pioglitazone and to look into its anti-diabetic potential. Various combinations of soya phosphatidylcholine (SPC), edge activators, and pioglitazone were used to make transferosomes using the traditional rotary evaporation process (PZ). Vesicle size was 128.2nm, polydispersity index (PDI) was 0.107,…
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June 2, 2021 0

Development of RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Metformin and Pioglitazone in Pharmaceutical Formulation

A fast, selective, speedy, accurate, and cost-effective reverse phase HPLC technique has been devised for the simultaneous quantification of metformin and pioglitazone from pharmaceutical dosage forms. The experiment was carried out on a phenomenex C18 column (25 cm x 4.6 mm i.d., 5 mm i.d., 5 mm i.d., 5 mm i.d., 5 mm i.d., 5…
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June 1, 2021 0