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The Postprandial Thermic Effects of Diet Induced Thermogenesis in Congenic Lean and Obese LA/Ntul//-Cp Rats

This study adds crucial new insights and avenues to understanding and investigating the thermogenic effects of diet and diet-induced thermogenesis, as well as their potential contributions to energy balancing mechanisms. Diet-induced thermogenesis has been proposed to account for up to 15% of the caloric content of a meal and to decline with age and obesity.…
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March 21, 2022 0

Effects of Letrozole on Reproductive Organs of Male Rats of Different Ages

 Aim: To investigate the reproductive organs in young male rats and those with age-related involution of reproductive organs after long-term administration of letrozole, a steroid aromatase inhibitor, followed by its withdrawal. The experiments were carried out on Wistar rats aged 5 to 15 months, who were gavaged with letrozole at a dose of 1 mg/kg…
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March 19, 2022 0

Study on Heart rate Variability and Heart Rate under General Anesthesia in Rats of Both Sexes

The effects of general anaesthesia on autonomic function and baroreflex regulation are well documented. Intravenous anaesthetics can affect the activity of sympathetic or parasympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) by having various qualitative and quantitative effects on the peripheral autonomic nervous system (ANS). There is currently a scarcity of information on sex differences…
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February 19, 2022 0

The Effect of Pests and Their Co – Infections on Senior High School Students in the Greater Kumasi: A Study of Some Selected Senior High Schools

The most prevalent mammals on the earth are pests, insects, and rodents. These mammals are responsible for the transmission of more than 200 diseases to humans and animals all over the world. They do significant damage to a wide range of structures. Because resources that would otherwise be spent for development projects are diverted to…
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February 12, 2022 0

Scientific Investigation of Borreria hispida (Linn) – A Tamil Traditional Medicinal Plant against Hyperlipidemia Disease

The goal of this study was to see how different extracts of the whole plant of Borreria hispida (Linn) affected lipid levels in high-fat rats. Borreria hispida (Linn) dry powder was extracted using a Soxhlet extractor with various solvents (PE, EA, and methanol), and the crude various extract was used for hypolipidemic activities. All of…
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August 31, 2021 0

Histopathological Effects of Gordon Dry Gin (Moringa Citrus Blend) Induce Adenomatous Hyperplasia in Female Sprague Dawley Rats

Objectives: This study aim to investigate the histopathological effects of binge consumed Gordon’s dry gin moringa citrus blend on the uterus of adult female dawley Sprague rats. Materials: Fifty female rats (weighing range; 120±2.6 g – 250±3.5 g) were divided into four groups (A, B and C & D). Group A, B, C (15 animals…
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July 27, 2020 0

Spilanthes paniculata Flower Extracts Attenuates Paracetamol Induced Liver Damage by Antioxidant Mechanism

The present study was undertaken to investigate the antioxidant and hepatoprotective effect of Spilanthes paniculata Wall. ex DC flower extracts against paracetamol-induced liver damage. The study was conducted in 36 male Wistar rats of either sex, and six groups were established. While the first group was maintained as normal control (NC, distilled water), Groups 2…
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April 4, 2020 0

Effect of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Ocimum gratissimum on Antiretroviral Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats

Aim: Hepatotoxicity, among other adverse effects, constitutes one of the greatest impediments to successful antiretroviral drug therapy (ART) in HIV/AIDS patients. The main objective of the study was to determine if the aqueous leaf extract of Ocimum gratissimum has a protective effect on ART-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Place and Duration: Department of Pharmacology, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu…
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August 20, 2019 0

Effect of Cymbopogon citratus Decoctions on Gasoline Vapour-induced Reproductive Toxicity in Female Rats

Aims: Recent research indicates that plant molecules, particularly those that are rich with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune modulatory  constituents, can modify and prevent  the detrimental effects of gasoline compounds on reproductive endpoints. However, whether C. citratusdecoction can alleviate gasoline vapour (GV)-induced derangement of female reproductive hormones has not yet been documented. In this study, the…
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July 23, 2019 0

Effect of Cymbopogon citratus Stapf (DC) on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus-induced Dyslipidemia: Current Knowledge

Introduction: Diabetic dyslipidemia (DD)  is  a collection  of  quantitative,  qualitative and  kinetic  lipid abnormalities associated with diabetes mellitus that together caused the lipid profile to become more atherogenic.  It  consists  of  elevated  serum  concentration  of  triglyceride-cholesterol  (TG-C),  a  high serum level of small dense low density lipoprotein-cholesterol (sd LDL-C), low level of high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-C)…
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July 20, 2019 0