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On Becoming Moral: Bellow’s Jewishness and Exclusion

This paper will compare and contrast how a philosopher writes about a poet with how a poet writes about a philosopher, or how a stranger writes about another stranger. In other words, it will be a discussion of exclusionary and inclusionary strategies in the process of rebuilding the Jewish community and legislating for its moral…
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January 19, 2022 0

Chest Wall Reconstruction after Surgical Resection: An Approach towards Various Techniques and Materials

Extensive chest wall excision and rebuilding is a difficult treatment that necessitates a multidisciplinary approach involving thoracic, plastic, and oncology. Neoplastic chest wall diseases have a high surgical morbidity rate and can result in full thickness abnormalities that are difficult to repair. The objectives of a successful chest wall reconstruction are to restore rigidity to…
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August 19, 2021 0

Fournier’s Gangrene – Management in Rural Tertiary Centre

Fournier’s gangrene is a potentially lethal synergistic necrotizing fascitis of the external genitalia and perineal tissues. Young men are the most commonly impacted, but women and children can also be affected. The mainstay of treatment and a crucial determinant of prognosis is the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and surgical intervention with serial wound debridement. Rebuilding…
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August 7, 2021 0

Alterations of Bronchial Cytokines in Bronchial Carcinoid Tumor Perioperatively

As bronchial carcinoids are known to be notably rare, adequate histochemical investigations couldn’t have been carried out on these types of tumors hitherto. In this study, we investigated bronchial cytokines in a carcinoid tumor localized in the left main bronchus. Bronchial resection and reconstruction was performed without the lung resection. Bronchial lavage samples were obtained…
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September 25, 2019 0