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Study on the Impact of Microfinance on Grassroot Development: Reporting Evidence from SMEs in Kwabre East District of Ashanti Region of Ghana

The claim that development interventions targeted at people at the grassroots are poverty alleviation focused is backed by empirical studies. Microfinance has been praised as a strong method for alleviating poverty. The impact of microfinance on grassroots development cannot be overstated because poverty alleviation is rooted in grassroots development. Microfinance is defined as the long-term…
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March 1, 2021 0

Evaluation and Assessment of the Effects of Moderating Factors of Entrepreneurial Orientation on the Performance of SMEs in Tanzania

This chapter assesses the impact on the efficiency of SMEs in Tanzania of the Moderating Factors of Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO). According to the literature, EO refers to the process of strategy making that provides the basis for entrepreneurial decisions and behaviour for organisations. Innovativeness, proactivity, risk taking, competitive aggressiveness and autonomy are the aspects of…
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November 11, 2020 0

The Innovation as Point of Growth of SME’S (Cross Cultural CHINA and MEXICO)

Based on the importance of the SME’s at Mundial level, and due to the high mortality rate of the SME’s in China and Mexico, in the present paper is made an articles compilation referred to Innovation strategies for SME’s develop and growth in China and Mexico, with the purpose to analyze and compare them in…
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November 19, 2019 0