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Achieving a Stable, Adequate, and Sustainable Financing of Primary Education in Nigeria

It cannot be overstated that elementary school is the bedrock upon which all subsequent levels of education are built. It’s also comparable to a building’s entrance gate, which regulates who gets in and out. Despite the significance of basic education, financing in Nigeria has been insecure, inadequate, and unsustainable. Over the years, there has been…
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June 3, 2022 0

Mathematical Modeling on a Typical Three Species Ecology

In this chapter, we discuss the stability analysis of mathematical modeling on a typical three species ecology. The system comprises of a commensal (S1), two hosts S2 and S3 ie., S2 and S3 both benefit S1, without getting themselves effected either positively or adversely. Further S2 is a commensal of S3 and S3 is a…
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June 20, 2020 0