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A Systematic Literature Mapping of Current Academic Research Connecting Sustainability into the Warehouse Management Systems Context

Globalization, digitization, and the rapid advancement of technology have made supply chains more complex than ever. Because of the complexity, many organizations have had to outsource their warehouse activities to Third-Party Logistics service providers. To manage in-house logistics services, they deploy automation solutions and tools such as warehouse management system (WMS) software. However, research into…
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June 21, 2021 0

Investigating Available Processes of Acquiring Farming Land in the Free State Province with Introduction of Alternative Sustainable Models

Before being settled on farms, land redistribution must be supported with the necessary resources for long-term farming production, and its beneficiaries must be trained. Then, in order to ensure that agricultural production is sustainable, it must be monitored and evaluated. Then, on a larger scale, the livelihoods of land reform beneficiaries must be improved. Based…
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June 14, 2021 0

Awareness Adds to Knowledge. Stage of the Art Waste Processing Facilities and Industrial Waste Treatment Development

Annually, over 2 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) are created worldwide, with a growing tendency. Diverse countries have different techniques and techniques to combat the ever-growing garbage problem, with varying levels of sustainability. Waste can be dealt in a variety of ways, and the importance of activities related to the circular economy, for…
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May 27, 2021 0

A Review on Energy Conservation with Utilization of Marble Waste in Geotechnical Engineering

In a globalising world, industrialization has grown in lockstep with the need for economic growth in countries. With the rise of industrialization, new wastes have arisen. As a result of the high cost of these waste management strategies, industrial waste assessment has become essential in industrial businesses. In addition, as the world’s population grows, natural…
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May 1, 2021 0

An Application of Agent-Based Modeling to Sustainable Natural Resource Management

Decision-support systems can be used to measure the complexity of systems as well as forecast and analyse policies. Agent-based modelling (ABM) is a relatively new approach for modelling complex systems in which independent and interconnected agents play a role. Simulations aid in estimating and comprehending evolving patterns that necessitate the development of new legislation for…
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May 1, 2021 0

A Proposed Protocol for Community-based Forest Enterprises: The Case of Non-timber Forest Products

For most non-timber forest products (NTFPs), determining sustainable harvesting levels is a work in progress. Forest Non-Timber Products: Refers to a wide range of biologically produced products and services derived from woods, other wooded property, and trees outside of forests, such as small wood and fuel wood. A monitoring programme should be established to evaluate…
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March 29, 2021 0

Advanced Study on Variability in Length of Rainy Season for Selected Crops Production in Coastal and Upland Areas of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

The antifungal activity of extracts of Oxalis barrelieri and Cymbopogon citratus against Bipolaris oryzae and Fusarium moniliforme was tested, and seed treatment with NaCl was used to improve seed germination and seedling vigour of treated rice seeds. The inhibitory effect of plant extracts against B. oryzae and F. moniliforme was based on the type of…
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March 13, 2021 0

Green Infrastructure to Develop Ecosystem Services in Synergy with Energy Transition Planning

Relevant European policies have pushed the transformation of many agricultural crops into Photovoltaic (PV) farms in order to decarbonize the economy for sustainability. Reasonable spaces include the realization of ground-based PV farms that have many environmental effects on ecosystems and habitats caused by site modifications. In order to establish sustainable land use strategies for renewable…
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February 24, 2021 0

Concepts of Green Chemistry

The new and rapidly evolving branch of chemistry is Green chemistry. It is a theory and review of the production of goods or substances that will not be hazardous to the environment. It is a modern chemistry science that deals with the application of eco-friendly chemical compounds, such as in daily life applications, in different…
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February 9, 2021 0

Guidelines and Priorities for Breeding and Sustainable Production of Vegetable Cultivars

Vegetables are essential ingredients in a healthy diet that is well balanced. Their rising consumption worldwide shows the recognition of their health benefits. Globally, the production and marketing of vegetable crops is rapidly evolving. This is mainly attributable to the increasing consumer demand for safe and nutritious vegetables, and to the growing size and effect…
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January 13, 2021 0