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Study About Size Dimorphism and Directional Selection in Forest Millipedes | Chapter 2 | New Visions in Biological Science Vol.9

In the diplopod genus Centrobolus, sexual size dimorphism (SSD) has a positive connection with body size. Spirobolida diplopod species can be identified using size criteria. The key components of interspecific variation in diplopod species are length, width, and rings. In six species, interspecific size variation was estimated, and data sets were checked for normality. All…
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February 28, 2022 0

Study on Size Dimorphism in Six Juliform Millipedes

The goal of this work was to explain Sexual Size Dimorphism (SSD) in the diplopod genera Bicoxidens, Doratogonus, Harpagophora, Julomorpha, and Orthoporoides, in which length, width, and rings are the primary components of interspecific variation. The data sets for B. brincki Schubart, [1] D. annulipes Carl, 1917, H. spirobolina (Karsch, 1881), J. hilaris Attems, 1928,…
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January 24, 2022 0