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Drug Utilization Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Tribal Area in South India

We are confronting several difficulties such as overuse, abuse, higher expense, antibiotic resistance, and so on as a result of irrational drug use. The research was carried out in a tertiary hospital where patients were referred from nearby rural and tribal regions. The patients admitted to clinical departments were included in the retrospective analysis. A…
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August 24, 2021 0

A Dilemma for Modern Obstetrics -Rising Incidence of Caesarean Section Rate

The goal of this study was to look into the rate of caesarean sections (indications, ratios in emergency and elective caesarean sections), as well as the percentage of vaginal births after caesarean sections and instrumental deliveries. Methods: A one-year retrospective study was conducted in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Unit 2, Lahore General Hospital,…
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August 23, 2021 0

Discussion on a 5 Year Retrospective Study of Pattern of Maternal Mortality in a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India

Introduction: One of the most challenging public health issues in India remains maternal mortality. One mother dies every minute because of complications related to pregnancy and child birth. In developing countries, women are 30 to 40 times more likely to die as a result of pregnancy and childbirth than their counterparts in developed countries. Even…
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November 18, 2020 0