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Application of Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler (UVP) in the Vortex-induced Vibration Experiments

The flow parameters in the near wake of the rigid and flexible protruding surface were investigated using an ultrasonic velocity profiler (UVP). The tests were carried out in a water tunnel. The cylinder’s motion has a big impact on how well turbulence enhancement works. An ordered oscillating motion favours better turbulence enhancement performance. This study…
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December 15, 2021 0

Emulsions in Oil Pipeline Flow Transport

Because crude oil is frequently produced with water from the reservoir, emulsification — the mixing of two immiscible liquids – is unavoidable in the oil business. Emulsions have a number of negative effects on the industry, including affecting flow regimes and flow behaviour, lowering crude oil quality, requiring longer retention time in separation vessels, corroding…
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December 9, 2021 0

Application of Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler (UVP) in the Crude Oil Emulsion Pipeline Flow

Emulsion formation is undesirable in the oil and gas industry because it affects flow regimes and behaviour, reduces crude oil quality, occupies space in the pipeline, reduces mass flow rate, requires longer retention time in separation vessels, causes corrosion to the transport system, and contaminates catalyst used in the rinsing process. However, this is inescapable…
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July 23, 2021 0

Analysing the Influence of Source Spectrum on the Optical Measurements of Turbulence

The effect of the source spectrum on the measurement accuracy of optical wave arrival angles and the calculation of the path-averaged structure parameter of refractive index fluctuations are discussed. The wavelength dependence of the variance of wave arrival angle fluctuations is investigated for two reasons. The first is related to the fact that in the…
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March 18, 2021 0

Efficiency of High-Altitude Wind Turbines in the Andes: Air Density and Turbulence Effects

Wind power is one of the most important solutions to producing green and sustainable energy. The number of wind farms in South America has largely increased over the last decade. Qollpana is just one example of a wind farm situated over complex terrain at 2900 metres above sea level. The air density is decreased by…
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January 9, 2021 0

Application of Fourier Transform-based Cross-correlation in Determining Breaking Water Wave Phase Velocity from Station-to-Station Free Surface Elevation Time Series

Water waves were produced in a laboratory wave flume that propagated and broke as plunging waves on a 1:20 beach slope. In order to distinguish changes in wave dynamics as the waves propagated from deep water to the shore, free surface elevation time series were then measured along the flume. A pair of parallel-wire capacitive…
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December 28, 2020 0