The Brazilian Caatinga Biome and Its Biotechnological Potential

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The Brazilian Caatinga Biome and Its Biotechnological Potential

July 17, 2019 Latest News Science and Technology 0

The Caatinga biome is a unique Brazilian biome predominant in the Northeast of Brazil and situated in the Semiarid Region. The rhizosphere comprises the narrow zone of soil that is directly influenced by the roots of plants and associated soil microorganisms. It is a dynamic environment with maximum microbial activity due to the presence of root exudates and radicular secretions representing the major carbon  source  readily  available  to  microorganisms.  The  typical  rhizospheric  community  in  the Caatinga  biome comprises  microorganisms  with  different  types  of  metabolism  and  adaptive responses to changes depending on soil temperature, plant species, nutritional status, age, stress, illness, and  other  factors.  Assays for a  variety  of  soil enzymes  give an indication of the functional diversity assumed by the microbes present. A useful characteristic of the rhizosphere isolates is the ability of the rhizobacteria to excrete enzymes such as cellulases and L-asparaginases. Among the important species found in the Caatinga biome is Poincianella pyramidalis, which is common in the Northeast of Brazil and is popularly known as “catingueira”. This plant species is heavily exploited by the local population as a source of firewood, charcoal, fodder and for medicinal purposes. This review will consider the structure of the Caatinga biome in terms of its biotechnological potential, with special emphasis on such components as the rhizosphere and enzymes associated with P. pyramidalis.

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Iasmim Lucas da Silva
Departamento de Antibióticos, Centro de Biociências, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, UFPE, Avenida Arthur de Sá, S/N, Cidade Universitária, Recife-PE, Brazil, 50740-520.
Departamento de Bioquímica, Centro de Biociências, UFPE, Avenida Moraes Rego, S/N, Cidade Universitária, Recife-PE, Brazil, 50670-420.

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