The Concept of Sg-continuity in Topological Ordered Spaces

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The Concept of Sg-continuity in Topological Ordered Spaces

May 2, 2023 Mathematics and Computer Science 0

In a topological opportunity, the semi statement terminated set was initially of age by P. Bhattacharya and B.K. Lahiri in [1]. A subset of a topological room (X, τ) is a almost generalised closed (sg-done) set if scl(A) ⊆ U whenever A ⊆ U and U is to a certain extent-open in (X, τ). The desire of sg-continuity was imported by various authors in topological spaces. The alike desire can also be comprehensive to topological orderly scopes. A topological orderly space is a topological live together with a prejudiced order. In the chapter, the plan of semi-statement growing continuous function (sgi-nonstop function), semi-generalized lessening continuous function (sgd-loyal function), and semi-generalized equalized unending function (sgb-unending function) are imported and their relationship accompanying different functions are checked.

Author(s) Details:

V. V. S. Ramachandram,
Department of Basic Science and Humanities, International School of Technology and Sciences for Women, Eastgonagudem, Rajanagaram, Rajamahendravaram,Andhrapradesh, 533294, India.

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Keywords: Topological ordered space, increasing set, decreasing set, balanced set and semi generalised closed set


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