The Influence of Cybercriminal Activities to the Human Society

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The Influence of Cybercriminal Activities to the Human Society

May 29, 2023 Mathematics and Computer Science 0

Cybercrime has raised exponentially in conjunction with the addition and widespread use of photoelectric medium. As the technological progresses take shape, so do the wholes of evolution of cybercrime. This implies that new forms of cybercrime are arising to counter the new technological novelties, which has managed to an increased concern in all endeavor of crime connected to the internet. Most users of the connected to the internet applications are weary about the growing trend of criminal endeavors, where in real significance, if these harms are not regulated, the use of the cyberspace would be analogous to vulnerability to two together social and financial risks. This is not just confined to individual area, but somewhat is occurring general. Some progress has been fashioned to counter this type of crime, but criminal legislation that crosses international borders is harshly lagging behind. It is necessary that with the growing advancement in the levels of evil, all the stakeholders must create proactive measures that commit help resolve this issue for once and for all for a moral description of the sue of the cyberspace. Some sort of public policy must be selected, according to things, educational organizations, organizations and enterprises who are concerned in combating this wave of evil.

Author(s) Details:

Okechukwu Chimaogu Wori,
Wayne State University, University of Detroit Mercy and Wayne County Community College District, USA.

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Keywords: Cybercrime, profiling, cyber thieves, malicious code, attacks


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