The Limits of Mind and “The Bignetti Model”

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The Limits of Mind and “The Bignetti Model”

March 8, 2021 Education and Social Studies 0

The mind is so limited that it is unable to provide us with an objective image of truth. And the advanced instruments it has invented can only have a subjective view of reality. Exploring “Neural Correlates of Consciousness” (NCC) is one example; by doing so, we can illustrate the direct path from brain to mind by focusing solely on the physiological, functional dimensions of Consciousness, while the objective, empirical meaning of it remains a futile hope for resolving an insurmountable conflict of interest. This unresolved dispute is primarily responsible for the emergence of three false dualisms in the mind. Like in as in a Matrioska The main outcome of this dualistic viewpoint of his mind in each person is the perception of the presence of a Free-Will-possessing Self. But, how come cognitive processes are so successful in everyday life? The “Bignetti Model” is a cognitive model that describes how cognition can occur in five steps based solely on mental illusions.

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Enrico Bignetti
University of Parma, Italy.

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