The Study of Distance-Labelings for Cycle Graphs

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The Study of Distance-Labelings for Cycle Graphs

May 2, 2023 Mathematics and Computer Science 0

Let G = (V,E) be a diagram and Cm be the cycle diagram with m top. In this chapter, we resumed Yeh’s work [1] on the distance labeling of the phase diagram Cm. An n-set distance labeling of a diagram G is the labeling of the top (with n labels per top) of G under certain restraints determined by the distance ‘tween each pair of vertices in G. Following Yeh’s documentation [1], the smallest advantage for the best label in an n-set distance labeling of G is meant by A1(n) (G)…..

Author(s) Details:

Alissa Shen,
St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Austin, Texas, USA.

Jian Shen,
Department of Mathematics, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, USA.

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Keywords: Graph, graph theory, channel assignment, distance labeling, cycle graph, neuroscience, neuronal pathway


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