U (1) Axial as a Force between Neturinos

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U (1) Axial as a Force between Neturinos

September 11, 2021 Physical Science 0

Local gauge invariance creates a fifth force acting between chiral charges on neutrinos and quarks when left and right handed neutrinos have majorana mass matrices. The force is carried by an axiphoton, a massless (or low mass) 1-spin gauge boson. In the same manner as the electromagnetic force is caused by a U(1) axial guage symmetry, the force is caused by a U(1) axial guage symmetry. The force constant, a, should be around 1/60 of the electromagnetic force constant after renormalization. We demonstrate that this force is capable of explaining dark energy The heating of the solar corona is explained by our model, which predicts decaying right handed neutrinos in the eV to MeV range. Finally, we show that the Tajmar [1] experiment, which detects a rotating superconductor force, could be a detection of our force.

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Dr. Barry D. O. Adams
Univerisity of Kent, UK.

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