Voice-Actuated Wheelchair using Arduino

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Voice-Actuated Wheelchair using Arduino

September 11, 2021 Science and Technology 0

The goal of this study is to create a low-cost voice-activated wheelchair that can help persons with both upper and lower limb problems. The voice command from the speech recognition module is processed by an Arduino microcontroller, which then controls the wheelchair’s motor movement. A Bluetooth module was also employed to eliminate messy wiring, and a joystick command was included in the prototype design as an option. The wheelchair’s ability to detect spoken commands in English, Chinese, and Malay was quite high. By altering a commercially available manual wheelchair, a voice-activated wheelchair prototype was successfully constructed. The prototype’s entire cost was ke

Author (S) Details

Tan Kian Hou
Quest International University, Malaysia.

Yagasena Appannah
Quest International University, Malaysia.

Chelladurai Sinkaram
Quest International University, Malaysia.

Krishnan Subramaniam
Manipal International University, Malaysia.

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