Yoga and PTSD: Improving Emotion-Regulation

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Yoga and PTSD: Improving Emotion-Regulation

August 4, 2022 Disease and Health 0

This narrative review provides a high-level overview of the health benefits of yoga practise, the unique physiological difficulties posed by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the clinically significant connection between yoga, PTSD symptoms, and PTSD diagnosis. It also provides evidence from published medical studies that yoga has a significant medical benefit.

The practise of yoga has been demonstrated to enhance emotion control and lessen avoidance and emotional repression. Participants in yoga therapy for PTSD have greater control over strong emotions while maintaining present-moment awareness. These improved skills lessen the conditioned fear response, which is thought to be a key advancement in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

The 10-week randomised control experiment, the 20-week case series, and the two long-term follow-up investigations are the main subjects of this review. These qualitative and quantitative research examine how trauma-sensitive yoga practise affects PTSD that is resistant to therapy. The three quantitative trials yield statistically significant results despite having different treatment durations. The frequency and length of yoga practise are particularly stressed in connection to the signs and diagnosis of treatment-resistant PTSD.

The potential outcomes of yoga therapy for complicated post-traumatic stress disorder are especially noteworthy and need further study because typical PTSD treatment models have high drop-out rates and can lead to symptom worsening.

Author(s) Details:

Jennifer N. Ross,
Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Jerrilyn Cambron,
National University of Health Sciences, Chicago, IL, USA.

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Keywords: Post-traumatic stress disorder, yoga, mind-body therapy, emotion-regulation, stress, complex  trauma, avoidance, mindfulness, PTSD


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